Elite Athlete Development Fund

Nigeria’s outings at the Olympics has not been very encouraging in recent times. This must change. We need 4.5million people to help us change the situation. From 1st June to 30th August is 90 days. With you, it is very possible.

We want to give 90 athletes from five sports N10million elite athlete development grants each. All we want is N200.00 or a multiple of N200.00 to take us there.

You can pay to the account at:

Account Name: NSDFI 
Account Number: 0015 464 767

Or click the button at the end of this page and follow the instructions on payments.

We look forward to receiving your support. Early preparation will guarantee us medals. We want to lift the image and respect of our nation henceforth in international sports. We have the
talents and that is what we are seeking you to support.

Please tell five other friends, relations, associates and neighbours to join this campaign. Do your bit. Donate and demand answers from us how your monies have been spent. Make Nigerian sports greater, stronger and better respected.

We do not have to wait for government. Our 1996 Atlanta Olympics like the 1994 Nations Cup in Tunisia (which we won) and the 1994 World Cup were products of private funding not government.

Yes, with you, we can do it and well too.

Thanking you for the donation.

NoteReceipt will be generated automatically once your donation is confirmed